Mining BTC Now

We are a company that aims to lead quality mining of.

We were born of the will to bring quality mining to all people, without lies and without fraudulent financial pyramid schemes (Ponzi).

In our company people come how much they are actually mining, the price they pay for electricity, and what our profit is.

Why mining with us?

Competitive Advantage

Our company manages to offer some differences with our products, which you may not find in the market. Like for example:

We are against Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Our company is totally against this practice, this ensures a real provision of service and guarantee the financial health of our company.

Withdraw with fee free

Every Thursday, a free service is held, you can schedule this service within your wallet by selecting the "Free Thursday"

Best value for money

We are the only mining company in the cloud that has mining equipment available, and with the best contract price for 2 years.


Some features of our SHA-256 hashrate..

Contract Time:

All of our contracts, by default, are valid for 24 months.


You can check the source of the amount paid to everyone.


Our system is simple and effective.

Expectation of other cryptos:


Best price on the market

Best price in relation to current cost / benefit.


Our system is simple which makes it possible for anyone to buy our hashrate.

Prices SHA-256

Bitcoin (SHA-256)

$ 0 29

1 Ghash/s

2 Year contract

Maintenance fee: 0,000011$ + 20% / 1 Ghash / 24h
Minimum Hashrate: 100 Ghash
Hardware: Antminer S9 13.5 Thash
Coin: Bitcoin (₿)

News and news about the company:


General Time:

Our company is composed of several people but there are 2 people exemptions:

CTO & Senior Developer

John Simth

CTO & Senior Developer

Unfortunately we have to use nicknames to be able to make it work, and I am the "John Simth".

I am responsible for creating the whole system and making it safe, it took me weeks to develop any platform that was easy for everyone to understand.

I am also responsible for doing all the maintenance on all the hardware here in the farm.

Ruby on rails
Carlos Adalberto

Carlos Adalberto


Unfortunately we have to use nicknames to be able to make it work, and I am the "Carlos Adalberto".

I am the one responsible for idealizing the whole project, adapting this layout, creating the brand, and having a perspective on organizing a site / system, mining in crypto-coins that really works and is realistic.

I manage all the team that makes the customer service, so that I can better satisfy everyone..

I take care of the logistics necessary to leave our farms in operation.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Some frequently asked questions, questions you may have about our company, or how the system works.

How Mining BTC Now Appeared?

Mining BTC Now is an idea that arose from the lack of competent and realistic mining companies in the market. Almost all the miners in the cloud do not pass on the real mining value, or they are fraudulent schemes (Ponzi).

Why should I invest in Mining BTC Now?

Currently there is no company that offers the same conditions of price and contract duration, those that claim to be for life are lying, and stop paying when they find it convenient.

Where are the equipment (Antminer S9)?

Our equipment is located in farms of CHINA, Paraguay and the United States, depending on the amount you wish to invest, you can schedule a visit through our service channel.

Investing with you is safe?

Nossa empresa é real e funciona, não temos nenhum programa de afiliados, ou MLM para que não haja uma má condição de saúde financeira.

How do you work?

We sell a portion of the hashrate we have for people, buy equipment we put our profit margin, and sell the processing it provides.

Why should I mine with you and not at home??

Mining companies do a lot of playing and produce a lot of heat, if you do not have a proper location and good conditions, you could end up committing all your equipment or still not making a profit with it.

What Bitcoin is for?

Bitcoin is a cryptomoeda created around 2009 with the aim of being uncritical and with a box book 100% consultable by anyone.

Do I need a good computer to mine?

No, we do the entire mining process, you just need to access the internet and come in one time or another to track your earnings.

How do I make a purchase?

After registering on our system you should click "Buy hashrate" select the amount of hashrate you want, and proceed to the payment page.

How do I pay for the hashrate?

We use the Coinpayments payment intermediary that accepts up to 140 different crypto coins, all to give better convenience and safety to our customers.

I can not buy, what should I do?

Buying on our website should be as easy as buying a clothing online, if you are having problems, please contact our team that we will help you.

I paid but nothing happened, what should I do?

Keep calm and wait, our system is 100% automatic, however it can suffer with delays, if more than 48h after payment and nothing happened, contact us.

I have "balance blocked", what does this mean?

These are the newly minted Bitcoins, so you must wait until 24 hours for them to be available for withdrawal.

How can I track my earnings?

Every day the system updates almost every hour, and it issues a report on the income for you, which you can consult in your Wallet.

How is the transfer done?

Of the total mining we take the equivalent to pay the energy expenses and 20% that corresponds to the profit of the company, the rest is passed on to you.

How should I withdraw?

You must follow to your Wallet and select the method of withdrawal and the amount desired, we indicate the "Free Thursday", because with it you receive the full amount of Bitcoin without discount of fee.


Contact us

If you have any doubts you can write an email by the form next, or contact the media that has just below.

Privacy Policy

From all data on the site or system:

We reserve the right to never, in any situation, remit or provide information entered within our site or system.

No one but us will have access to the information you provide.

Terms and conditions of use

1 - Service:

The service will be initiated upon payment of the amount of hashrate purchased, except in cases of "pre-sale", where the service delivery starts soon after the end of this period.

2 - Remuneration:

From the mined value the equivalent value in Fiat currency is withdrawn to pay maintenance and energy costs, and deducting 20% ​​of the value immediately after deduction of maintenance and energy costs, the remainder is passed on to the customer.

3 - Devolution:

We will not make any refunds after a purchase has been paid.

4 - Payment:

We work with two methods of drawing, the one scheduled for Thursday, which is held every Thursday and does not generate cost to the client, and with the instant method where the cryptomanne is immediately passed on to the client, but with deduction of transfer.

5 - Interruption or cancellation:

The customer's contract can be canceled or interrupted, when the amount of mined crypto is not enough to pay for maintenance and electricity costs.

6 - Contact:

All contacts between client and nodes must be made through the channels provided on our site.

7 - Contract Time:

The contract time for Bitcoin mining (SHA-256) is 2 (two) years running.

8 - Payment method:

We reserve the right for the time being only to accept the crypto-coins accepted by the intermediary "Coinpayments".